Bring Each Other Home


"Walk with him. Bring him Home," was the heavenly command. She obeyed - to the best of her ability, not knowing how long and draining the journey would be. Someone has noted that Alzheimer's disease (dementia) is like a long train ride with no set time of arrival and with many stops along the way. With each stop something precious is lost and grief is inevitable. Follow a care-giver's personal journey as she travelled with a beloved mate into unknown territory where they encountered stumbling blocks and challenges, but also comfort, encouragement and "God-moments" - God's hand in the details. This well-written, informative personal saga offers inspiration and hope to those caring for someone with a long-term illness.

Published: 2019 by Word Alive Press, Winnipeg, MB
ISBN: 978-1-4866-1598-8

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Bring Each Other Home offers readers an intimate reflection on author Angelina's journey with her husband's dementia. This story presents the reality of the often terrifying stages of dementia. Dementia is the enemy as it seeks to take Angelina's husband, Joe, away from her. Angelina's love is the hero, as she shows her determination to stay by Joe's side on this journey.

As a retired healthcare chaplain, I have read many articles, academic papers, and a cross-section of books on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Angie's book is the most personal, frank, and honest book I have read on the illness. Readers will marvel at how Angie and Joe love each other in sickness, health, and being separated by death to never-ending love. I don't want to sound cliché, but you must read this book.

--Alan Anderson
Retired Pastor & Healthcare Chaplain.
Grief Educator, Author and
Inspirational Speaker

I've been riveted to the book, Bring Each Other Home, written by Angelina Fast-Vlaar. She has the ability to invite the reader into her experience of walking with her mate through dementia without it feeling like a, "Look at me, folks" production, gives wonderful warmth to what could so easily be a harsh story. The realities of dementia are indeed harsh yet the author's experience of receiving God's Grace and her choice to live in that Grace, shine consistently.

--Pat Gerbrandt
Writer, Editor

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