Finding Shelter


It has been said that with the outbreak of the Second World War, Europe entered her darkest period in history. What was it like for a young child to live through those years of conflict and carnage in the Netherlands? Angelina Fast-Vlaar shares a tender, personal story of her impressions, questions, and panic against the backdrop of a loving extended family, living just thirty kilometres from the enemy border. She observes her parents deal with the Hitler-induced restrictions and atrocities with courage, resilience, and an unshakable faith in a loving God, while at the same time reaching out to provide food and shelter to the starving and homeless. The deafening noise of battle echoes on, as she innocently plays with siblings and cousins in their somewhat-protected back yard.

Published: March 23, 2018 by Word Alive Press, Winnipeg, MB.
ISBN-10: 1486615945
ISBN-13: 978-1486615940

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"This moving, true story, written by a skilled writer, deserves a place on the bookshelf of every home."

--Sense "Stan" de Jong,
former business manager of the Christian weekly Calvinist Contact/Christian Courier.


It struck me that a parent's love can give a child security in the worst of circumstances. Amidst the sounds of war, bombings, destruction of buildings, and Jews disappearing without notice and without trace, one little girl, Lineke, (Angelina) survives and writes her memories. From Germans taking over her school, to an unfortunate experience in the outhouse, to shrapnel embedding itself in a hairpin (instead of entering her skull), Lineke emerged with a strong faith in God and an optimistic view of life.


I can safely say Fast-Vlaar is a gifted writer. We live her life vicariously with her as we follow her through the war years. While there is obviously some research that a little girl could not have known at the time, the warmth and strength of relationships with Mum and Dad and the extended family are a treasure to share.

The book begins with Dad singing and Dad is singing towards its end. An engaging read on so many levels. Thank you for sharing with us, Angelina. (5 Stars)

--Geoff Watson

Terrific book. A great overview of the history of WWII in the Netherlands from a child's point of view. My Dad was in the First Wave landing on Juno Beach. Even though he was much further south than the story, it was wonderful to read about what was happening during those years.

A look at life under Nazi rule. We take freedom for granted but this book can open your eyes to the truth behind power-hungry leaders with charisma. (5 Stars)

--Janis Cox
Artist, Author, Illustrator

Excellent book read from one end to the other without stopping. Highly recommend. Good historical account with a very personal touch. (5 Stars)


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