The Hot Apple Cider Series

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Stories that will make you laugh and shed a tear

There's nothing better on a chilly evening than a mug of hot apple cider. We curl up in a chair with a good book, stir the steaming beverage with a cinnamon stick, and sip nature's sweetness. It has the magical ability to make us feel warm all over, as though everything's okay.A Taste of Hot Apple Cider, Hot Apple Cider, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, and Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon are collections of true stories, fiction, and poetry, which were created with you in mind. Together, these exceptional books offer dozens of honest stories written from the heart. They'll remind you that God is at work in your life, that good will come out of the struggles you face, and that every person matters.

Angelina has a story and/or a poem in each of the four volumes.

Available for Purchase From: Hot Apple Cider Books, That's Life Communications.


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